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Fart My Phone


Ok, ok, ok – don’t let the title fool you. There is actually some pretty cool technology in this app, and it’s fun!

The idea for this app was born when I was at work one day and a co-worker used a “fart machine” to prank another co-worker. The fart machine is basically a speaker and remote control. You hide the speaker near a victim, and then press the remote to sound the speaker and make the fart sound. I had heard of whoopie cushions, but never a fart machine. I asked my colleague how much it was, and he said, “Oh I don’t know, $10 or so”. I have since checked Amazon and realized he was exactly correct. I thought this was absurd to spend $10 on! This is a prank that can be accomplished for free with an app. So I created Fart My Phone. I was hoping that I’d be able to profit from this originally by putting ads on the website, but I was turned down by Google Adsense and AdBrite because the content was deemed “inappropriate”. Whatever.

Fart My Phone actually was the project I used to learn Google Cloud Messaging and how it works with the Android platform. That is what I would do to send a notification to the device to make a “fart” sound, to prank the victim.

But, if a user places their phone near the victim, which is the “speaker” of our app-based fart machine, how do they set it off? We need a remote. So I set up fartmyphone.appspot.com which would serve as the remote. So now, any device with a browser can be used as a remote. In order to sync your device to the remote, you simply scan the QR code which is displayed to create a connection between the two devices.

To give Fart My Phone a try, download the app. Then visit fartmyphone.appspot.com. Have fun!