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Android Applications

Here you can find some of the applications I have created and put up for download on the Android Market. I haven’t had a chance to put everything up here yet, so bare with me!


Fart My Phone

Ok, ok, ok – don’t let the title fool you. There is actually some pretty cool technology in this app, and it’s fun! The idea for this app was born when I was at work one day and a co-worker used a “fart machine” to prank another co-worker. The fart machine is basically a speaker …

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2012-10-14 21.17.43

Online Multiplayer Android Game

For about a year (2012-2013) I had a side project that is an Android turn-based projectile game. If you know Worms, or Gunbound, then you know exactly what I’m talking about. I thought this style of game was perfect for the mobile platform where you can take a quick turn, and then wait for an …

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