Here are some projects I have down outside of my professional career. Some I did as undergraduate student, and some I have done on the side since starting my career.

Android Applications

Here you can find some of the applications I have created and put up for download on the Android Market. I haven’t had a chance to put everything up here yet, so bare with me!

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Super Spray system overview.

Senior Design Project: Super Spray

Visit the Official Blog This is a brief summary of all of the work that I put into this senior design project. To re-live how Super Spray was created from the beginning with more detailed documentation and additional photos, be sure to visit the official blog at Project Overview As I mentioned in my …

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Social and Technological Action Research Group

This area is for the projects I had the privilege of working on through STAR research at UC Irvine. Be sure to check out their website to see what they’re all about.

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